Crawford Blair

Freelance Post-Production Sound Engineer, Sound Designer & Voiceover


Hi, my name is Crawford. I am a Freelance Sound Engineer, Sound Designer and part-time Musician.

I grew up in Western Scotland and after spending time there working in a little music studio and studying Electronics & Sound Engineering, I moved to London to find a job in the recording industry.

Since the age of 20 I have worked in Post Production Sound for Advertising and Broadcast.

At Angell Sound studios, I gained an incredible amount of experience, recording and mixing broadcast material for TV, Online, Radio, Documentary, Animation, Music Composition and so on...

I do a lot of stuff from home, but also work a lot of regular cover at places like Soho Sq Studios, JWT - Transmission, Greyworks, Felt Music, Empire Design, 168, Another Studio, Pure Soho & Angell Sound...

I really like working with new people and seeing how other places operate.

I have a fully portable Pro-Tools system with all the prerequisite design tools and gadgets which I am constantly tweaking and updating. With over 21 years experience I am equally at home doing unattended track laying for broadcast or running a demanding TV session with a room full of clients and voiceovers.

I realise the picture makes me look like I might be sleeping whilst standing up on stage, but I was probably concentrating on playing something very high up the neck, I swear.

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